Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anniversary Weekend - Day 1

Did things a little backwards this time, so the pics are first. Just scroll down to read todays blog.

The Lucoral Museum, located on Kuhio Ave in Waikiki.


The U.S. Army Museum of Hawai'i, located at Kalia and Saratoga in Waikiki (next to the Hale Koa Hotel).


So, it's our seven year anniversary (8-6-09), and we decided to go out and do some fun "dating" activities. It seems to help you reconnect with each other. We had a good time.

Well, I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let's start at the begining.

Day 1-

The first place we decided to go is the Lucoral Museum. The museum is about 2 blocks from us, and we have never been there. Granted, it's not one of your big attractions, but it is pretty interesting.

The Lucoral Museum is a display of the worlds fine corals, gems, fossils, pearls, and other assorted items. We even saw a fossilized dinosaur egg!

After our first activity, it was time to go home and walk our dog and have some lunch.

Once we walked Trigger, and had a chance to grind, we headed to the U.S. Army Museum of Hawai'i. The museum was very interesting, and even talked about warfare of the first Hawai'ans to present day. We will have to visit the museum again, as there were to many unsupervised, unruly children for us to enjoy ourselves and finish the tour.

Yet another adventure to be re-explored.

Anyhow, for a FREE day of potentially interesting things, it's worth a try on either of these destinations.

E malama pono, a hui hou.

Koma & Kimi

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