Friday, August 21, 2009



Sorry, no adventures this weekend. I have been sick for the last week, and the weather was rainy off and on. We were thinking of doing Manoa Falls & 'Aihualama Falls again, but there was cloud cover over the mountains all day. Didn't want to get caught in the rain half of the day. Gotta get to feeling better. Still have to work even though I'm sick! So, hopefully by next week I will feel better and we can get some more adventures in.

While Kimi and myself are kind of in our "downtime" from hiking, be sure to check out another excellent blog we have come across. It is by another resident of O'ahu, and he gets a lot of hikes in. The link is listed below.

Island Trails by Keleo Lancaster

Hope you find his post as enjoyful and informative as we have.

Until next time,
Happy Trails To You

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