Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anniversary Weekend - Day 2 - Part 2 of 2


Welcome to the last half of our anniversary weekend. In keeping with the theme "romantic, cheap date", we start with dinner. Perfect date dinner? A PUKA DOG! We haven't tried one yet, you know they've only been open for 2 years 3 blocks away. Anyhow, best dog ever. What makes a PUKA DOG so awesome are the buns and the toppings. The bun is not like a regular bun. It simply has a "puka, or hole, in one end for the dog and the toppings. The bun is also kind of doughy like a manapua. The toppings are awesome. First you choose you dog (polish sausage or veggie dog). Then you choose your spice ( 4 levels from mild to hot-hot). Next choose your TROPICAL relish (mango, papaya, pineapple, coconut, etc). Finally choose katchup and mustard (lilikoi, gauva, etc). I had the polish sausage with spicy sauce, starfruit relish, and lilikoi mustard. Yummy. Kimi had the polish sausage with spicy sauce and gauva mustard. Not so daring for a first try. Anyhow, that is another tasty adventure we will revist. Next, a romantic stroll down Kalakau. Have to burn some calories and make some room for desert, so we walk to the other end of Waikiki to Cold Stone for some ice cream. Nice way to cool down before sunset after a hot day. Now just chill and wait for the show.
The show was pretty cool. I would recommend that you go see it. It runs 4 ays a week and is a little different each time. We definately had a good anniversary, Kimi said probably best ever!
La,la,la love is in the air...

Kimi & me getting our seat on the lawn.

The ceremonial blowing of the conch shell to begin the hula.

The band.

Hula girl.

Hula guy.
Happy Adventures!!!

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