Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If nothing else...


If nothing else this week, we may revist hula dancing on Waikiki Beach, and maybe catch some of the fireworks that are held weekly at Hilton Hawaiian Village. The fireworks can be seen from pretty much anywhere along the coast in Waikiki and these activities are all FREE!
Being that we are on a tighter budget, saving for the baby and all, more free to low cost activities will be showing up in this blog. It is an ever evolving blog, but we still will try to stick to the basics. Many tourists that come here spend extra (unneccessary) money because they are on a limited schedule. Many activities they do are offered for low cost (if not free), but they do not have the time to search them out. Being that we live in this little slice of heaven (and have more time than money) this blog can help even more people than originally intended.
Any input (as always) is greatly appreciated!

Koma & Kimi
Proud Parents to Be

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