Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'Aihualama Falls


'Aihualama Falls is the hike of the day. The easiest way to locate this trail is to start at the Lyon Arboretum next to Manoa Falls. Otherwise, it is accessable by a side trail near Manoa Falls. This hike is about 1 mile and is an easy/moderate hike. If you start at the arboretum, be careful. You can easily get distracted by the arboretum itself, as they maintain the trail up to the falls. With that being said, this was the most beautiful hike I have been on so far.

There are numerous side trails that highlight different aspects of Hawai'i's ecosystem. My advice, if you have the time, is to see this area over several visits. There is way to much to see to fit it all into one day. If you are on a restricted schedule, hike the trail to the falls first, then see the main points of interest on the way back.

'Aihualama Falls was more of a trickle on this day.

The small pool at the base of the falls.

Kimi posing at the falls.

Kimi & I at the scenic lookout. Manoa Valley is in the background.

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