Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wai'oma'o Stream Trail


Welcome to another "where the hell are we" adventure. We started todays hike with the same goal as last week, Wai'oma'o Falls & Ka'au Crater. Did we find it??? No, of course not! We started out good, but evidently took a wrong turn (who'd have thought!). We ended up on the trail following the pipe, but we never saw the falls and were about 2 hours in. I have heard the falls are only about 1/2 hour in. Wrong turn somewhere. Well, I put this up there with Mau'umea Ridge Trail (Lanipo Trail), just because this is the second trail 2 weeks that was unexpected. And by unexpected, I mean it was a successful hike simply based on the fact that we lived. It was a little unnerving, to say the least, to slip and have half of your leg hanging 1000+ ft in the air. No ropes, no nets, no nothing. Anyhow, before all that, it was a nice hike. If you go prepared, and that's your thing, great. If you think you're on a casual hike, not so great.

Well, here's some pics. Hope we get the REAL waterfalls next time.

Looking back from the end of Wai'oma'o Road.

The biggest waterfalls we saw:(

The next 2 are me then Kimi on our way up Wai'oma'o Stream.

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