Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking forward...


We are looking forward to our next adventure. Next week we are planning to hike Judd Trail again. This time, we plan on hiking the complete trail. This hike will most likely take place on 7-15 or 7-16. If all goes as planned, which it usually dosen't, we will make the entire loop. Judd Trail is a loop trail (it begins and ends in the same place forming a loop), and is the home of Jackass Ginger. Jackass Ginger is a local swimming hole with a rope swing and a rock "slide".
In case you haven't read our other posts, we have been misdirected for 2 weeks as to the location of Jackass Ginger. On a recent hike, we finally found the trail, but went in the wrong direction. This time we think we know where we are going, and should finally make it. Wish us well, and hope we don't get chased by any more big dogs or something worse! We will keep you updated, and of course, have some new pictures to show.

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