Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kapena Falls & Alapena Falls


Hike of the day... Kapena Falls & Alapena Falls. We happened to come by these falls accidently. We were on our way to another adventure, and our bus driver dropped us off at the wrong stop. We followed directions he gave us upon getting off the bus, and ended up finding these little beauties. Located just off the Pali (virtually under it), these small falls are a favorite swimming spot for local kids. Not to mention, parts of the series "LOST" was filmed here. (Go to for these sites along with others we have hiked.) The hike is easy, and there are 2 trails leading to the falls. The upper trailhead is the most dangerous, but only because you have to walk along the busy Pali for a few minutes. The lower trailhead is through a cemetary in Nu'uanu. Nothing spectacular as waterfalls go, and the area needs some cleanup, but overall a relaxing place to go for a short hike.

Some of the locals at Alapena Falls.

Kimi posing by Alapena Falls.

Alapena Falls again.

A local kid diving into the pool at Kapena Falls.

Some local boys swimming in Kapena Falls.

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