Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Judd Trail


Finally, we found Judd Trail. After 2 weeks of being given wrong directions, we made it. This is a nice hike that runs partially along the Nu'uanu Stream. The day we got here, we were on a limited time schedule and could only hike part of the trail. Though we didn't make it to our goal destination of Jackass Ginger, it was still a nice hike. There will definately be another segment on this trail in the future. Jackass Ginger is a locally famous swimming hole along this trail. This will have to wait for another day.

Caution about the trail: heed warning signs. There is private property very close to the trail. Stay on the trail and out of other peoples yards. Unfortunately, when going upstream, we did not know the trail was on the opposite side of the stream. We ended up running from someones large dogs as we quickly tried to hop slippery rocks across the stream. We didn't really need that adrenaline rush.

Oh, by the way, parts of the series "LOST" was filmed along this trail as well. Check out for comparisons in scenery.

Small falls near the trailhead.

This is where we should have been on the other side.

This is the area where the dogs chased us.

Kimi walking through the bamboo.

We were somewhere up there.

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