Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jackass Ginger


O.K., so it's been a few weeks, and a few setbacks, but we finally made it to Jackass Ginger. Jackass Ginger is on the Judd Trail. Once you reach the trailhead for Judd Trail, simply descend to your right toward the stream. You will see a trail marker. Cross the stream at this point. On the other side of the stream, you will see another trail marker. This indicates that the trail goes upstream and downstream. Proceed downstream for a short while, and you will be at Jackass Ginger. This is a small local swimming hole. There is a rope swing, and part of the falls can be used as a slide.

*CAUTION* As with any inland water in Hawai'i, leptosporosis is always a concern. Swim at your own risk.

As for the trail, it is a loop trail. If you continue past Jackass Ginger, you will eventually come full circle back to the trailhead. About halfway through the trail, you will see another marker. This is for the Nu'uanu Trail. Continue straight past this marker to stay on Judd Trail, or go right to start a new adventure. As of this post, we have not hiked the Nu'uanu Trail yet. This will be a future adventure, and we will inform you when we make this hike.

While on the Judd Trail, keep your eyes open. Parts of the series "LOST" were filmed here. Check out for comparison photos with scenes in the show.

Happy Trails.

Someone about to slide down.

Jumping from the rope swing.

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