Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diamond Head Lighthouse


Well, today is another one of those "hikes" that is just off the beaten path. Diamond Head Lighthouse and Diamond Head Beach are just east of Waikiki past Kapi'olani Park. Once you pass Kapi'olani Park, there are a couple of beach parks before you get to the lighthouse. The views are great, and it's a god place to catch a lot of the locals surfing. If you're cruisin' around Waikiki, and have an extra hour or two, do yoursel a favor and check out some of Hawai'i's little seen beaches.

Kimi in the fountain at the end of Kapi'olani Park. This is as far as most tourists go.

Kimi enjoying some cool waters by the Diamond Head Lighthouse.

Diamond Head Lighthouse.

You might even learn something!

Kimi & I at Diamond Head Lighthouse.

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